CFS 8812X

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3M™ Water Filtration Products Replacement Filter Cartridge CFS8812X


* 미립자 및 염소와 냄새 제거하여  양질의 커피와 차를 제공

* SQC(Sanitary Qucik Change) 방식으로 위생적이고  빠른 교체 가능



  • Provides better tasting water for a more consistent product by reducing chlorine taste and odor
  • Improves water clarity by reducing sediment for a variety of commercial applications (excludes CFS8000-S)
  • Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) encapsulated cartridge design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-outs with a 1/4 turn


Filter Changes Made Fast and Easy
3M™ Water Filtration Products 8000 Series replacement cartridges make filter change-outs quick and easy. Unlike standard drop-in style filtration cartridges, 8000 series cartridges are manufactured using our Sanitary Quick Change, or SQC, design. The filters’ media is completely encapsulated within the cartridge – the operator never touches either the old or the new replacement filter media, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination. The cartridge installs quickly with as little as a quarter turn, so there is no need for tools.

Foodservice establishment operators can easily change the replacement cartridges themselves, so they can concentrate on other responsibilities – saving them the expense of contacting a service provider. Filters do not require activation and installers do not need to open the filter housing, eliminating the possibility of contamination.

3M™ Water Filtration Products line of 8000 Series replacement cartridges are available for a range of commercial foodservice applications. They are ideal for water filtration for hot coffee and tea, cold beverages and ice machines, and are fully compatible with existing IceAssure™, CFS6000 & CFS7000 Series systems.

8000 Series Best Features

  • NSF Certified Cartridges*
  • FDA CFR-21 Compliant Material**
  • Filter cartridges are o-ring seal type
  • Cartridges are sanitary in design, requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out

*3M™ Water Filtration Products replacement cartridge models CFS8812X, CFS8812X-S, CFS8720-S are NSF certified.

**Surfaces that are in contact with water are FDA CFR-21 Compliant.

About Carbon Filtration
Media for 8000 Series cartridges include granular activated carbon (GAC) and graded porosity carbon. One of the most powerful absorbents available, carbon is highly effective due to the vast surface area contained within a small footprint. One pound of carbon contains a surface area of approximately 100 to 125 acres and can absorb an extremely wide range of chemicals. As effective as carbon is, activated carbon is even more effective. Activated carbon has been electro-positively charged to create adsorption. Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, or molecules from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid to a surface. This process differs from absorption, where the fluid (absorbate) permeates or is dissolved and held within the filter media. When adsorption is in play, the water, or other fluid to be filtered, passes over the positively charged carbon surface. The negatively charged ions of the contaminants are attracted and held to the surface of the activated carbon particles and effectively removed. Micron ratings for the 8000 Series range from 5 down to .5, more than adequate to remove chlorine odor and taste, cysts, sediment and most common bacteria from unfiltered water.